The Perceived Value of Giving In Negotiations

Recently I stopped by a Walgreens drugstore. I was there to purchase a graduation card for my niece and some Mothers Day cards. I looked for the graduation cards and could not find them. So, I asked a clerk where the cards might be located. She informed me that they were in 3 boxes in the storeroom. I asked if she, or someone else, could bring them out of the storeroom so that I might make a purchase. She informed me that she could not do so at that time and suggested I come back in a few hours. I asked to speak with a manager and after speaking with the manager and making my request to purchase a card known, I was once again told, I would have to come back in a few hours. I looked around the store and observed that it was not busy. Some of the clerks appeared to be ideally standing around doing much of nothing.

I’m not suggesting all Walgreens drugstores typify this manor of behavior, but this one did. By chance there happened to be a CVS drugstore literally across the street from that particular Walgreens. So, I went across the street, purchased the graduation card for my niece, and also purchased the Mothers Day. I ended up spending about twenty dollars.

What negotiation lessens can we learn from this experience. There are several

  1. Always have an alternate source from which to get what you need
  2. Make anyone you negotiate with feel important (I had the impression that I was almost disturbing the clerks at Walgreens by wanting to make a purchase.)
  3. If you cant fulfill the request/requirements of someone you’re negotiating with, at least give the impression that you’re trying to do something to solve their problem (some hotel chains will book people in another hotel chains facilities when the first hotel does not have space. In so doing, they are sending a signal to that customer that says, the customers well being has a higher priority than just making money off of that customer).

When negotiating, give as much as you can to appease and ingratiate yourself with the person you’re negotiating with. By doing so, you give the perception that you care. In return, the fair minded person will give as much as they can give to you and in the end, both of you will have practiced, what I call, the win/win style of negotiating.

Graduation Day Jewelry Presents

It is a huge milestone in every pupil’s life. This is the special day when we celebrate for the achievement that we want our loved ones to recall for a lifetime. It is a celebration of the end and the start of something better. This is the big day when mommies smile with pride and pops get their position with their cameras to take the perfect shot while their offsprings walk with pride and take center stage – Graduation Day.

On this unforgettable occasion one would be wise to give gifts that will be recalled. It is best that we present jewellery as Graduation gift. These are prestigious items and are ideal for the event. They are given to wish the pupil success and to let them know how proud we are of them. Let’s make our little achievers feel special with personalized graduation gifts. Graduation jewellery provides your pupil with something lovely to wear on her special day as well as a lasting keepsake for the years to come.

Jewellery comes in attractive and unique designs that will cheer every graduate. With this precious gift, a graduate can be more than happy to have successfully achieved something in her life. She will feel more appreciated; more loved and will become more confident and courageous in the journey of his or her life.

For little offsprings graduating from Kindergarten class, you can make their very first graduation a memorable one. Jewellery as graduation gifts will remind little gals of this crucial day in the years to come. Present your precious ones with handmade bracelets creatively adorned with Swarovski crystals or pearls with a charm of a sterling graduation cap.

For our offsprings, ideal gifts are lockets engraved with personalized inspirational messages to always remind her of her place in your heart, and that you’re the person most proud of her achievement. This can come handcrafted in solid sterling silver and can be embossed with diamonds or birthstones.

You can give these gifts before the crucial day itself. Let them use it on that crucial day. They will surely wear this with pride! We may spend extra for jewellery gifts but it will pay off as this is something your recipient will enjoy even for years to come.

Celebrate graduation as a time of new beginnings. Let your graduating son or daughter celebrate this crucial day with a gift so unique and that will last a lifetime.

Why Is Life Just So Damned Hard at Present?

It’s a fair enough question beckoning the attention of everyone from time to time. The trouble is all the bad stuff of life is accumulating in the conscious mind – and hellishness is the felt result. Could I interest you in a better answer? One that could stave off the cloud of hopelessness…

At the level of the conscious moment, when all those little humps and bumps on the road are most adept at ruffling us, another thing remains which is barely noted, but it nonetheless exists: it is patience beyond the moment’s despair. Indeed, it’s a tired message – but one eternally relevant, whether it’s needed for this moment or not.

Fighting Inner Anxiety?

Riling anger that pervades without is a sign of panic within.

External circumstances are what they are, and besides a wretched run of luck, these times are ever present in everyone’s life. It’s just not attributed as a concern during ‘good’ times, that’s all. (Isn’t it funny how ‘accepting’ we are of others’ struggles as they don’t impinge on us?)

The more one person focuses on bad matters or untoward things the more they attract them. So, is it a matter of focus? That’s part of the issue, but it’s inherent to our natures as well.

Fighting the inner anxiety it isn’t, not so much as it’s staying philosophical about life. A lack of focus contributes, but much re-focussing is wearying. The philosophical approach is more ‘user friendly’ (to coin an old phrase); it’s being more realistic.

Breaking Life Down and Expanding It Out

As trials and gloominess occur, threatening our composure, hope and sanity, we can best reflect over the actual issues.

There are possibly four, five or ten things that are troubling us, but one or two of these is more pivotal than the others. Each of these by themselves could be handled. Therefore, we have the opportunity to remind ourselves that these pressures need not be cumulative. Breaking life down creates logic that diminishes the size of our problems. Thus, breathing space and realism is afforded, steadying our way.

Likewise, the opposite ‘bigger’ opportunity remains… too much negative focus is creating tunnel vision to the exclusion of the better things that are always visible. Expanding our vision of life is reminding us that being here is still to be cherished; that much of life is still great.