Commercial Real Estate Agents – How to Get Leverage in Your Client Presentation

In commercial and retail real estate, as the broker or agent you really do need to know all the facts relating to the client and their property before you can successfully submit on the listing. The question and answer process between the commercial agent or broker and the client is critical to the listing process.

Top commercial agents place a high priority on being professionally confident and different in the eyes of the client. Their proposal needs to be exceptional in all respects so the client will find it hard to consider anybody else in the agency process.

Discounts offered in marketing and commissions to woo the client are really irrelevant when it comes to a positive end result; the client knows that, however you need to provide them with the confidence to take the step forward. Your sales pitch or presentation should be based on strategies and solid chances of success. Your confidence is the key to the process.

Certain Priorities

Every client will have certain priorities relating to the successful outcome they require. It is no secret that this property market can be a real challenge when it comes to property marketing and the final conversion of a property to a sale contract or lease.

Given that most listing presentations and sales pitches are highly competitive, you must make your property solution the best that is available given the attributes of the property and the local property market.

Understandings Property Owners

Presenting on the listing is not simply a matter of taking down the information about a property and going to work. Understanding the owners and the factors that motivate them is at least 50% of the presentation and transaction. At the point of sales pitch and listing, spend some time with the owners, and always list the property in their presence.

While listening carefully to the owners’ instructions endeavor to discover:

  • Find out just how long the owners have owned the property. The timeframe will have some relevance to their price or rental expectations. They will also have impressions regards local property prices and competing properties in the immediate vicinity.
  • Exactly how did they acquire the property and why did they choose the property initially? Their reasons for purchase may be suitable reasons for sale or purchase today. They will understand their property intimately. You will also understand the local property market, and on that basis two levels of understanding can meet for a suitable marketing strategy.
  • Through a question and answer process, try to understand whether they are ambitious, conservative, or cautious when it comes to the listing and marketing process. You will not change their immediate position but you can offer solutions that match their personal traits and decision facility. Make it easy for them to formulate a decision.
  • Seek to understand if they have the most up to date market information relative for the area. Always carry a selection of market comparison reports to use for this very purpose. Also carry a selection of digital photographs on a laptop computer so that you can show the necessary images and challenges of other properties today. Some clients think that they understand more about the market than you do. Whilst this may be the case, take the time to fully understand the client before you ask them to understand your solutions.

A successful sales presentation will be driven from a confident agent or salesperson connecting with the client with relevant strategies and solutions. Take the time to practice the process and improve at every opportunity.