Graduation Day Jewelry Presents

It is a huge milestone in every pupil’s life. This is the special day when we celebrate for the achievement that we want our loved ones to recall for a lifetime. It is a celebration of the end and the start of something better. This is the big day when mommies smile with pride and pops get their position with their cameras to take the perfect shot while their offsprings walk with pride and take center stage – Graduation Day.

On this unforgettable occasion one would be wise to give gifts that will be recalled. It is best that we present jewellery as Graduation gift. These are prestigious items and are ideal for the event. They are given to wish the pupil success and to let them know how proud we are of them. Let’s make our little achievers feel special with personalized graduation gifts. Graduation jewellery provides your pupil with something lovely to wear on her special day as well as a lasting keepsake for the years to come.

Jewellery comes in attractive and unique designs that will cheer every graduate. With this precious gift, a graduate can be more than happy to have successfully achieved something in her life. She will feel more appreciated; more loved and will become more confident and courageous in the journey of his or her life.

For little offsprings graduating from Kindergarten class, you can make their very first graduation a memorable one. Jewellery as graduation gifts will remind little gals of this crucial day in the years to come. Present your precious ones with handmade bracelets creatively adorned with Swarovski crystals or pearls with a charm of a sterling graduation cap.

For our offsprings, ideal gifts are lockets engraved with personalized inspirational messages to always remind her of her place in your heart, and that you’re the person most proud of her achievement. This can come handcrafted in solid sterling silver and can be embossed with diamonds or birthstones.

You can give these gifts before the crucial day itself. Let them use it on that crucial day. They will surely wear this with pride! We may spend extra for jewellery gifts but it will pay off as this is something your recipient will enjoy even for years to come.

Celebrate graduation as a time of new beginnings. Let your graduating son or daughter celebrate this crucial day with a gift so unique and that will last a lifetime.

5 Speedy Ways to Access the Present Moment Where True Change Begins

True power resides in the present moment. We can tap into the present moment in many ways and it first involves turning off the phones, computers, TV’s and anything that might distract you once you begin. We are so often caught up in the past and reacting from past patterns and behaviors. Tapping into the present moment grants us the ability to assess how we are feeling; what is feeling wonderful? and what is feeling “off”? Presence also grants us the peace of mind we need to be in to receive guidance. As this world keeps moving faster and faster it becomes more and more challenging to get that quiet time. I am happy to offer you five (5) ways to tap into the present moment so you can move forward with clarity and purpose.

  1. Gratitude – When we pay gratitude for something in our life (person, thing, animal) we are calling to mind something we love. We are present in that observation and are giving appreciation and love. Thinking of that person, pet or object and imagining how you feel when you are with them; feeling all the emotions they bring to mind and letting yourself just sit in the goodness of that moment is an excellent way to get present. If you wanted to write a thank you, call someone or give extra pets to your pet, that is fine too! Paying gratitude for yourself is also wonderful. Think of five things you love to do or like about yourself and bask in the joy for a few minutes. Gratitude is a sure way to switch your mood quickly AND to put out much more positive energy to the Universe for it to respond to!
  2. Feeling Energy – Rub your hands together for 60 seconds rapidly. Now, put them a few inches apart and feel that connection and energy between them. You can play with the energy by moving your hands back and forth or close your eyes and imagine that energy traveling throughout your body. If you like, you can imagine it in a place of your body where you experience discomfort and visualize it bathing that challenging spot with light and healing energy. Know you can always rub your hands together again if that feeling starts to wane. Playing with this energy is a way to bring peace, connectivity and presence into your life in as little as a couple of minutes.
  3. Affirmations – Saying and claiming ways that you want to be and feel in your life can bring you to the present moment quickly and allow you to get excited about what you are creating. Our thoughts, words and emotions do contribute to the energy we put out and receive back from the Universe. In taking even a few minutes a day to affirm to ourselves, “I am working on being my best self”, “I am a powerful creator”, “I accept myself as I am”, “I am limitless”, “I am open to receiving guidance” or the countless other affirmations you can come up with. you are bringing yourself to the current moment by claiming what you are. You are also taking that moment to come up with what you want to affirm. A suggestion is to come up with something that won’t meet extreme resistance. Saying “I am a millionaire” if you are in debt might meet a ton more resistance and cause discomfort instead of “I am open to and pursuing more opportunities to bring more money into my life”.
  4. Self Love/Gratitude – Coming up with reasons you love yourself and/or paying gratitude for yourself for things you have done that are wonderful – instead of berating yourself for what you feel you might have done wrong – is a strong way to be present and shift your energy. It can be something nice you did or said. It can be the fact that you love to cook, write, are a good listener, or love to dance. Everyone has many gifts and reasons to be grateful for themselves. It is simply that we are not taught to focus there and instead tend to magnify the things we feel we have said or done wrong. This simple exercise brings you to the present moment and a deep sense of self-love and gratitude.
  5. Sensory Meditation – There are so many ways to meditate and I don’t feel one works for all people. In my own life, I use many forms of meditation and the sensory meditation is one of the most effortless. For this you first need to turn off all distractions. Bring yourself to the current moment and you can do this with any sense, but the ones I find easiest to tap into are sight or hearing. If you are doing the one for hearing, close your eyes and focus on what you hear. Usually we are only hearing a fraction of what is going on around us. To begin with you might hear traffic, or the wind or if you are inside the whirring of something electronic. As you begin to tune in, you will hear many other sounds as well. If you are outside you might also hear birds, someone talking in the distance, rustling of animals moving around, etc. This has such a calming effect as we are truly tuning into the current moment and opening up that sense more than we usually allow for. This can be done in only a few minutes and can invite such a sense of calm and peace.

In my book, A Short Path to Change, I offer many more tools and exercises to become present. In becoming present, we are connecting to our true selves – usually well hidden by the constant barrage of thoughts that control our day. There is such power in the present moment. In my book I not only teach you how to access the present moment, but how to harness that power to begin to create real change and manifestations. True change does not need to take much time and effort and is always available to us as long as we know we are worthy to take those few minutes a day to create what we want.

2 Key Focus Areas to a Great Investor Presentation

How do you create a great investor presentation? After all, you aren’t meeting with investors to gain their good will. You are seeking their support with their valuable capital. The fact is a great investor presentation is not magic. Instead, a great presentation is a combination of quality relevant information combined with intense preparation.

The first key to a great presentation is cool, calm, detailed confidence in the material you are presenting. Reaching this level requires you to know your business plan inside and out. You must be well versed in your market place. You must demonstrate a thorough understanding of the industry standard operational standards. The investor has to sense your competence during the meeting. And, perhaps more important the information, positions, and issues you hold up as the critical items must stand scrutiny outside of the investor presentation.

So, you have to demonstrate a combination of verifiable competence and confidence. How do you accomplish this? Besides knowing your business your presentation should include facts and figures that can be checked out and proven as accurate. At the same time, the facts and figures must be presented in a simple clear way that the investor does not have to struggle to follow. Causing the investor to have to figure out the information being presented is a sure fire method for killing your opportunity’s chance of success with the investors.

The second key is to deliver a sharp, professional, attractive, and thorough presentation as a combination of reports, presentation materials, and oral delivery that supports all of the information you provide to the investor. For investors, this presentation represents the investors likely best view of the kind of work you do and the work that can be expected from the entity he is investing into. Your investment presentation needs to deliver an image of quality, efficiency and effectiveness that you expect from your company and that the investor can feel comfortable meets his expectations.

This implies that you should come to the presentation with a very sharp presentation to share with the investors, with well organized background and support information to answer questions that may arise, with access to resources and information that answer any additional questions or needs that arise. In effect, you are showing the investor that you can deliver, that you are well prepared and researched and not flying by the seat of your pants, and that you don’t act impulsively choosing instead to support your work with the right resources and support. If you tie these two key issues together, you will be on your way to delivering superb business presentations to investors.